The Universe contains unlimited abundance. Setting Intentions manifests abundance in your life.  Find the essence energy of your desires!

...Testimonial on Setting Intentions


have recently started the discipline of setting my intentions every day before leaving for work.  I had been having a lot of challenges in one of my jobs and was feeling as though I wanted to leave my position if something didn't change for the better. 

Instead, I began thinking about perhaps changing my attitude and my reactions to others’ behavior towards me.  So each evening as I drove towards Naples I would say something like this: "I am setting the following intention...That I will feel my power and continue to feel empowered, no matter how anyone treats me. I will feel at peace.  The light and love of God will flow through me, embracing me, and everyone I come in contact with.  I will feel joy in my heart.  When I walk away from my job I will know that I have made a positive difference."

Road leading to Scenic Mountain Retreat Center in Sagle, Idaho

By the time I finished stating my intentions, I could feel the difference, because I had already shifted my belief.   In the past two weeks since I started this ritual, I have experienced a major change in my life (especially at work).  Where I once felt as if my efforts did not create anything of value - I now could experience positive exchanges happening between the kids I work with and myself. Miracles were being created.

Now I am setting my intentions in the morning before I leave for my day job (where I am a substitute teacher and haven’t had any serious problems).  This past week, I experienced one of the most joyful days of my life.  I was teaching 4th grade and had a day that in the past would have been considered a nightmare.  

First thing that morning, a little boy broke his arm during P.E. and had to be rushed to the hospital.  A short time later another boy began sobbing because he felt responsible for the accident. (He was supposed to be spotting the boy who was injured.)   

Later two girls broke into a heated argument that included many tears because one of them had betrayed a very private secret.  By the end of the day I had at least three more students in tears because of varied problems. It wasn't even a full moon!  

Snow view  of the lake and shoreline from Unifying Fields Retreat Center

I asked the class, "Why all the emotions today?"  The students replied that their male teacher never listened to their needs. They felt my compassion and my love and told me that it felt safe for them to be open with their feelings. (I had set this as one of my intentions - to embrace everyone that I come in contact with loving energy.)    

One of the teachers came up to me later in the day, feeling sorry for me because of the day I had had.  I briefly explained to her about my shift of attitude and what a special gift this experience was for my class and me. The kids all left hugging me goodbye and asking if I would return again soon.  They even surprised me with a Thank You card that each student had signed.

The ritual of setting daily intentions is so incredibly powerful!  I am so grateful to Cynthia for teaching me this tool, and for always being such a wonderful role model in bringing more light and love into the world.   THANK YOU!!!

Tina Friedman


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