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The Act of Forgiveness...
Vibrating at a Higher Frequency

Forgiveness Affirmations and Exercises

I ask now for anything that
represents my higher good
to come to me now.

e open to receive. 

One must vibrate at a high frequency to receive all that is good  When ever you are disconnected, understand the importance of moving to a higher vibration. The following are some ways to raise your vibration:

  • Forgive
  • Set a prayer in motion.  Ask to see it differently
  • Appreciate and hold gratitude
  • Move your thoughts to something positive
  • Soothe your emotions by opening up your breathing and surrendering into the "hands of God"
  • Physically do something to relax your body...
  • Notice where you are "holding" and change your body position, stretch and move

Know that you are being given another opportunity to be free and to receive your higher good!

I ask now for anything that is not
for my higher good
to release itself from me.

sk yourself:

What structures are breaking down and ready to leave?
What beliefs are no longer serving you?
What attitudes are causing you suffering and ready to go?
What un-forgiveness is causing you pain that is wanting to be forgiven and released?

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