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Manifesting Series Part I
When Are Your Desires Holy?

Set the forces of manifesting loose...

This is my third article on manifesting. The manifestation process unfolds in four stages: desiring, vibrating in a certain way, acting in a certain way, and allowing. My intent in this article is to open, heal, and reclaim our relationship with the first stage - with desire itself.

Pop quiz:
What is an integral aspect of the manifesting process, yet has been disparaged by both Christianity and Buddhism? Hint: where have most of us been wounded? Last hint: what are we afraid to feel?


For you, what does the word bring up? Desire is trouble, right? Perhaps the word desire connotes a subtle flavor of unfulfillment, as in unfulfilled longing. And longing can feel painful. As if that isn't loading the quality of desire with enough baggage, perhaps there are also sexual connotations, bringing with them our entire history (and lifetimes!) around sexuality.

In trying to get back to what desire really means - rather than the ways that religious and social forces have warped it - let's go cosmological. Let's realize that the universe desires. What does this mean?

The universe (what I call the Unifying Field), is ever moving toward greater expression, expansion, and fulfillment. As it desires to come forth into manifestation, it manifests light. It materializes hydrogen atoms. It precipitates galaxies "fluttering into Being" (a phrase by Brian Swimme). At some point in its evolutionary unfoldment, here on starship Earth, it added eyes to see itself.

What is gravity? Gravity is an attraction - or desire - of physical forms for one another! Just as gravity is a mystery, so too is desire. Desire is a primordial activity of the universe (the Unifying Field). Through the universe's desire to reach ever more complete expression and awakening to itself, it sets the forces of manifestation on the loose.

Stop taking your desires so personally. Your highest and truest desires are not just your own desires, nor do they come from you personally. The highest desires that you feel are the desires of the universe passing through you. You are like a radio that can translate the invisible radio signal into a sound. The Unifying Field is desiring through you. That is what the universe does: it seeks for fuller expression of wholeness through all its parts.

Our highest desires are holy. Even the Buddha had desire. Our desires are our most intimate connection with the flesh and blood of the Unifying Field. Our desires are precisely the place where we can feel the Universe, where we can know that we are an important part of the grand experiment.

As we take in this larger understanding of desire, we can begin to let go of the religious and social programming against desire. We can begin to see that desire can be much bigger than mere personal desire. We can start to reclaim desire as our natural inheritance. And this is important.

It is important because desire is such a crucial part of the manifesting process. If we want to manifest anything - let's say, heaven on earth, as a small example - then we have to be willing and able to feel desire, to feel desire big time!

Our courage to feel desire jump-starts the manifestation process. Desire is what "marks" or "flags" an aspect of the great Void (the All-Nourishing Abyss) as a potential for actualization. Desire is what starts the ball rolling.

It takes courage to feel desire. It takes courage to go beyond our religious and social attack on this natural state. It takes courage to desire when we associate desire with the painful unfulfillment of longing for something but not getting it. It takes courage to get on the horse again.

Yet, it is feeling desire again that will allow us to become manifestors. Only through being willing to feel desire can we manifest the Light for the new paradigm. Only by feeling desire can we heal the split of being radiant lightworkers and struggling to pay our bills.

If you are one of the lightworkers who has shut down to desire, maybe you can gradually become re-acquainted with this most powerful of allies. Here is a list that we use in our manifestation workshops to get your desiring juices flowing. The intention here is for you to realize that you may not have allowed yourself to desire the expanded life that you are guided and inspired to have. Use these questions to open you to new possibilities and desires, which are holy. (And, use any feelings of lack to ignite your desire).


  • Pay all of your bills with joy and gratitude?

  • Help support your children or loved ones in an abundant way?

  • Buy all the best foods, vitamins, holistic services, etc., that you desire?

  • Enjoy all perfect forms of transportation cars, planes, trains, bikes that would assist you in fully experiencing the Planet.

  • See a piece of art you like and purchase it, which then in turn supports the artist?

  • Donate money abundantly to any cause or organization in which you believe? * Buy all the gifts you want to give to those you love and appreciate?

  • Travel all you want, and where you want, to see the beauty of the world?

  • Give of your time and talents whenever you want without regard to $$'s?

  • Attend any class or workshop anywhere in the world that you would enjoy?

  • Fill your life with high vibrational art, furniture, music, books, etc?

  • Get all of the training and support you need for your creative passions?

  • Acquire all of the tools you need for your passions.

  • Give your children all of the advantages (education) you are guided to give, without a strain?

  • Hire someone else to do tasks you don't enjoy and therefore bring abundance into others' lives?

  • Afford all the technology (computers, car phones, CD players, etc). that you are wanting and would serve you in giving your gifts?

  • Support your unique gifts in a way that allows you to offer them in a huge way for the Planet?

Look to see how many things/experiences that you will now allow yourself to desire. Have you limited your desires to your circumstances? Can you see that if you could have all of these holy desires, that you would actually increase life and the abundant flow for all?

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  2. vibrating in a high state,
  3. acting in a certain way
  4. how not to manifest, and
  5. allowing it to unfold.
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