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Just Exactly HOW
Do You "Allow"?

Allowing: The Final Gateway in Transformational Manifesting
Part 2

By Frederic Wiedemann


We all know that “allowing” (or surrendering) is a decisive requirement for successful manifesting, and in my last seminar, I indicated exactly WHEN to “allow” in the process of manifesting. So, now, let’s take up exactly HOW do we allow or surrender? Given our all-too-human conditioning, “allowing” seems counter-intuitive, like leaning downhill when you ski.  In our western culture, there is little that encourages surrendering; in fact, surrendering is viewed with suspicion. This online seminar attempts to clarify HOW to allow. Understanding and using this wisdom will bring you more precise and successful results.

OK then, at the right time in my transformational manifesting practice, HOW do I just let go, just ALLOW?

You open your fist. And what tumbles out of a closed hand? The objects that were held so tightly. Your precious dream… tumbling out of your grasp. Letting go. Letting go is the first essential component of HOW to allow. Letting go is one of the frightening faces of allowing. In letting go, you must be willing to stop all human activity or mental effort for now. Here is what you let go of: You are letting go of the monkey mind that endlessly has to keep figuring it out, worrying about how it will come to you, fretting over some action not taken, inner insisting that “more should be done,” catastrophic expectations of what will happen if it doesn’t manifest, the need to “know,” the insane drive to cling, the pressure to hurry it up, your attachment to the outcome, the anger that it is not happening fast enough, the drive to micro-manage the process, the unwillingness to trust, the calculating of yet another way to manipulate the outcome. You are letting go of all that. All that. You are letting go of the egoic and human perspective.

Should we let go of everything, and just kind of go passive? And doesn’t that leave you feeling kind of empty?

Let’s expose a common mistake right here. Letting go and allowing is not passive. Going passive is a common mistake, for in passivity the life force ebbs away, and your manifesting process becomes mushy.

In this fourth step, you do feel “empty”, or more precisely – emptied. You are emptied of all effort and striving. And oh, what blessed relief . You should be able to experience this as a physical and emotional release. This is delightful relief. Have you felt the relief of truly letting go?

In tantric lovemaking, there is a point when the partners each let go of all human doing, and the lovemaking “does itself.”  Is that emptiness, or bliss?

So this emptiness is not really “empty” in a bad sense. What is it like?

In this release of the human mind and activity, and in the relief of that emptiness, you can open to an active receptivity. This is a paradox, but not a contradiction. In true allowing, there is a feeling of being deeply connected and receptive to the good of the Unifying Field. There is embedded in your empty-handed letting go, this openness to receive. In the Ying-Yang symbol, this would be that tiny white dot in the center of the black swirl.

This active receptivity is the certain feeling that the manifestation is coming, is on its way, and that it cannot be otherwise. Yet even while experiencing this active receptivity, you are not laying a claim on the form or the timing of the manifestation. You must surrender the form in which it has to arrive, and you even surrender the timing in which you think it should arrive. The form and timing are up to the Unifying Field.

So you are actively receptive (allowing) that it will show up, in an altered form, in a magical way, in the perfect timing. You delight in the magic that the Universe is about to show you. You are wowed and awed and bowed by how it will show up. Let me be even blunter: you are excited about how the Universe will now take over. Now you are not just letting go (the out-breath), you are now also allowing (the in-breath). The cycle is complete.

Personal Example of letting go and allowing:

Here is a personal example. On my recent vision quest in Zion, I was “told” to resume my private practice in shamanic/energy psychotherapy. I did the hard work of clarifying this desire, raising my vibration to a sparkling feeling, and organically received inspirations as to how to contact those attracting this work (some cultural creatives still think of this - and hate this - as “marketing”). I have since made several travel trips to the San Diego and LA areas now, and each time, I put out my schedule, and each time it “appears” I don’t have enough clients to “fill” “my” schedule. Rather than indulge my monkey mind ego that fills my head with dire warnings and insane fears, I deliberately let go. Then I allow “something much bigger than me” to proceed with the manifestation. I let the “voice” that told me to resume my practice, have a hand in this process.

But more! I revel in the game of it all: won’t it be fascinating to see how this manifests? Wow, let’s watch how Spirit pulls this one off. And I bask in the small miracles that happen. And each time, “my” schedule has been filled to the perfect degree. And each time, it did not fill up to perfection until the day of my work! What a journey through trust! Spirit is playing! This is a good example of the right combination – and timing – between working the manifestation (the first three steps of desire, vibrate, and inspired action-ing) and allowing it (the fourth step).

But HOW do I know that this allowing is not just another head-trip, a  talking myself into something I don’t really believe in. I mean, I can say affirmations all day, but …?

Head-trips are what you let go of, not indulge. Manifesting has gotten a bad name with many cultural creatives precisely because they have tried (or been lead) to bandage over gapping wounds of distrust and fear with “affirmations.” Then there is always war between the head and the heart. I am talking about something very different here. I am talking about a state of deep trust. Let me be more precise. This fourth gateway, this letting go/allowing/trusting phase of Transformational Manifesting is a return to the state in which you deeply know that you and the universe work together, complement each other, indeed need each other, and you enjoy this co-creation.

You experience this in your body. You inwardly feel and sense this state of non-separation (I will not call it “union” because that word implies too much merger and loss of differentiation). You just fall deeply into this primordial oneness with all that is (even though you have also fallen into separation, distrust, and fear many times too). Since you experience this, there is nothing to “not trust.” You are not talking yourself into anything. You are using your higher mind to remember the truth. And so you trust.

This is more than “faith” - and certainly much more than “talking/affirming your way into ‘believing’.” For faith implies an absence of knowing, and it is precisely this absence of knowing that faith is supposed to supplant. Instead of faith, you “just know.”

But I can’t just expect the Universe to magically fulfill all of my childish desires, can I?

A child would be unwilling to go through the first three steps of the transformational manifesting practice. As explained in previous seminars, it takes too much “work.” Part of the trust that I am talking about flows from the mature feeling of fulfillment that comes from your having fully engaged the previous three gateways: (1) you have clarified and emboldened your highest desire, (2) raised your vibration to a smashingly good place, and (3) followed through on the inspired actions that organically flowed to you. Desiring, vibrating and inspired acting grant a luster and good light to your Being. You are radiant, and you feel radiant. In short, you are in the sparkle zone. You have re-experienced your connection with Spirit or Source - and it feels good. You have returned to “knowing”…your sparkle. In this sparkle zone, what’s not to allow, what’s not to trust? You are not acting childishly, but as a mature co-creator with the Unifying Field.

I am terrible at “letting go.” I want to hold on. How can I practice this?

I believe in getting the body/mind involved in any transformational practice. So if I were working with you energetically, I would have you do this (total estimated time is five minutes):

·        Lie in a space that you consecrate as holy.

·        Declare out loud to the Unifying Field (or Source, or God, or whatever):

o       “Your holy desire to manifest through me is ________.”

·        Raise your vibration by doing rapid, light panting until you feel good.

·        Declare: “I am open to all inspired actions to manifest this.”

·       Now for the practice of allowing:

o       Deepen your breathing now, and as you exhale, blow out all resistance, monkey mind, fear, doubt, ego, clinging, attachment, worry, etc. Do this until clear of mind (1 minute?).

o       Now focus just on your deep, slow inhalation, and deeply breathe in and allow into you deep trust, active receptivity, joy, and excitement for the Universe’s taking over. Do this until you feel sparkly.

·        Say: “So be it”, get up, and walk out of your holy space. Move on.

·        Repeat this practice whenever you notice the monkey mind getting you in its grip.


Here is a checklist to absolutely know if you have successfully practiced letting go and allowing:

  • You are no longer thinking “like a human.”
  • Your monkey mind is quiet.
  • You experience relief.
  • You feel turned on about your manifesting potential.
  • You feel actively receptive to what is coming your way.
  • You feel excited about the magic that will show up.

Release the monkey mind! Trust in the Bigger Picture wanting to work through you! Be an active co-creator, doing your part and then letting go to allow the magic! Take the risk to let go!

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