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Manifesting Series Part II
Vibrating In A Certain Way 

The heart of manifesting...

Overview and Intent:

My intent in this article is to penetrate to a deeper understanding of step #2 - the importance of "vibrating in a certain way." This is the heart of the manifesting process.

Pop quiz:

With all of the wonderful manifesting techniques floating around, have you ever wondered why your favorite manifestation technique has not consistently produced the results promised? Have you looked at manifesting as a specific activity, which you rev up only when the urgency mounts? Have you intuited that something deeper than a "technique" is required, but wondered what?

If you answer yes, then let's plunge into the heart of manifesting consistently your core vibration. Understanding this will give you great manifesting power.

Understanding your "Core Vibration":

What is your "core vibration"? It is the sum total of your mood, emotion, thought, desire, and belief right now. That's big! Your core vibration is how you are vibrating when all things are considered. It is your bottom-line vibration. Think of the financial statement of a major corporation. All of their financial dealings, acquisitions and mergers, losses and profits, and results of marketing, sales, and long-term planning are summed up and expressed in a bottom line number. So it is with you as a "corporate" identity. In this moment, you are vibrating a sum total bottom-line, of all that you are desiring, feeling, thinking, and believing in this moment.

Personal example #1:

As I am writing this seminar, I desire to communicate clearly. I am feeling relief that I have an unscheduled block of time. I am also feeling some fatigue from a family visit. If I witness my thinking process, I notice many creative thoughts but also a few competitive thoughts. If I tune in, I can become aware of my belief that I am a good writer but also an old lingering belief that my writing is not good enough. My mood is pretty good. All of these various "vibrations" sum total into my core vibration at this moment. On a scale of 1 (low vibration) to 10 (high vibration), my current core vibration is a 7.

Exercise #1:

Feel your Core Vibration Take a quick moment to feel your own core vibration. It will only take a moment, and as you practice this skill, you will get it in an instant. Tune into your dominant mood. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your core vibration right now? If you want to fine-tune this, break it apart into your desire, emotion, thoughts, and beliefs operating right now, and sum it all up in a bottom line core vibration. Just use your best guess.

Why Your Core Vibration Is So Important:

Your core vibration is so important because it is what you are emanating to the Universe (the Unifying Field) right now. Webster's defines "to vibrate" as to give off, to set in to-and-fro motion, to emotionally stir. Webster's defines "to emanate" as to come forth, to issue as from a source, to emit. Can you sense how this is at the heart of the manifesting process? Let us delve into this heart of the manifesting process more fully, because it is so important!

The Universe reads your core vibration: Let me state a universal truth (as far as I can tell): Your core vibration is what the Universe is set up to read, and deliver back to you. The Universe always manifests your core vibration.

We know from the new sciences that the Universe is a thinking stuff. We now know from cosmology studies on the Big Bang that the Universe, or what I call the Unifying Field, possesses the creativity to call forth universe-building materials, the intelligence to birth 100 billion galaxies, and the organization to run (and ever expand) the whole show. Not to mention Planet Earth, and its inhabitants. All from Nothing. Wallace Wattles says the Universe is "the thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inner spaces of the Universe." And this thinking stuff reads your core vibration, and unceasingly delivers it back to you as your manifestation!

The Universe as a thinking stuff, with the intelligence to manifest 100 billion galaxies, is unerring in reading your core vibration. It is not fooled by what you merely say that you want; it reads your core vibration. It is not fooled by mere "affirmations", for it reads the sum total of all of your desires, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. This is why affirmations by themselves do not have consistent manifesting power. We can affirm that we want more dollars all day, but if our core vibration is low, the Universe reads this core vibration. In this regard, your "unconscious" or "subconscious" plays a huge role in what you are able to manifest.

The Good News:

But all of this is good news! If the Universal thinking stuff reads and manifests our core vibration, then this means that we can raise our core vibration and align it with our highest desires for manifesting dollars, abundance, relationship, or whatever enhances our path. And that is precisely what "vibrating in a certain way" means. Vibrating in a certain way means becoming increasingly conscious of your core vibration (as we did in exercise #1 above), and consistently raising it to a higher state.

There are many, many wonderful ways to raise your core vibration. And none of these ways are particularly earth shattering. Gratitude, dissolving old dysfunctional beliefs, watching your self-talk, focusing on the positive, working with affirmations until there is no feeling of resistance, owning projections unto other people, appreciating what is - all of these are ways that can raise your core vibration. What may be new to you is the in-depth understanding that it is your core vibration (not some flashy manifesting technique) that is at the heart of your ability to consistently manifest what is in alignment with your path.

The other exciting news about the Universe always manifesting your core vibration is that it means we are truly co-creators with Source energy. When we shift from the paradigm that we have to manifest through effort, to the paradigm that the Universe is wanting to manifest through us, we can achieve breakthroughs in our manifestations. It is truly awesome to meditate on this, and to soak in this astonishing fact.

Exercise #2:

Raising your Core Vibration Right Now: Do another reading of your core vibration right now (use the instructions in exercise #1 above). Whatever is the number on the vibration scale from 1 to 10 you feel as your core vibration, see if you can raise it by one number. Just go for raising your core vibration one notch higher. For example, if you assess your core vibration right now at a 6, see if you can raise it to a 7. Use any method or technique that works for you. Often, genuine gratitude is particularly fast and effective.

Personal Example #2:

I want to raise my core vibration from a 7 (see personal example #1) to an 8. So, I not only feel the relief of a block of unscheduled time, but I allow myself to revel in it. I give heart-felt gratitude for the way that Spirit (or Source) brings these miracles of open time into my life. I give thanks for having the abundance to have my extended family with me at this time. Reviewing my competitive thoughts, I re-assure myself that I create and manifest on the creative plane. I remind myself that the old dysfunctional belief that my writing is not good enough has out-served its purpose. I feel the breeze blowing through the office window. I draw in a deep breath and stretch. I let out huge exhales with sounds. I am joyously feeling my core vibration bubble up to an 8.


If you understand the depth and power of what I am communicating in this seminar, then I hope that you will be inspired to do exercise #2 on a consistent basis - daily, even hourly. Granted that this exercise is not a flashy manifesting technique, which promises you instant results, but it, will, over time, strengthen the heart of the manifesting process for you, so that you can increasingly manifest what you want to create. Begin to re-frame manifestation as a fitness activity - where raising your core vibration just one notch will give you the strength and flexibility to create the life that matters most you. How many trips to the manifesting gym are you willing to make in order to get "in shape"?

I have achieved my intent for this seminar if you finally and clearly understand how the Universe always manifests your core vibration. Can you appreciate that consistently raising your core vibration would open your heart to the primordial activity of the Unifying Field - its desire to manifest through you?

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