The Universe contains unlimited abundance. Setting Intentions manifests abundance in your life.  Find the essence energy of your desires!

Power of Intentions
Setting Intentions

Discover what you are really wanting.
Find the essence energy of your desires
Create energy intentions that are uniquely yours
Build the energy to create and allow your receiving

et Intentions:
Concentrate on using "Yes" words and creating a positive energy flow.  You will know when you are flowing your energy because you are feeling good, positive, and uplifted.  Use this worksheet.

Example of Setting Intentions:
In the area of health:  I want to feel healthy, radiant, energetic, youthful, vibrant.  I want to sleep deeply and restfully every night.  I want my immune, circulatory, digestive, and other bodily systems to function perfectly, efficiently and smoothly.  I want my skin to be soft, smooth, firm and youthful.  I want my muscles to be strong, have endurance, and be flexible...  (You get the idea!)  See Deliberate Intentions and Thought, Deliberate Intentions & Actions,  and One Person's Experience with Setting Intentions


Do Your Intentions and Trust!
After you have set your intentions in a  given area, trust the Universe to deliver.  Be unwavering in your determination to ALLOW the Universe to bring these gifts to you.  Remember that sometimes it may appear things aren't happening according to how you think they should occur...but sometimes the Universe is setting events up to happen even more magically than you could ever imagine! See Art of Allowing


Let Your Emotions Guide You
Your emotions are a fantastic meter for allowing you to see how you are flowing your energy.  If you are feeling good, that means you are a vibrational match to what you are asking for. But...if you feel bad or uneasy, or any negative emotion, that is an indication that you are a vibrational match for what you are not wanting. See Change Your Thinking


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